Does propolis support the treatment of COVID-19?

June 2021 “Efficacy of Brazilian green propolis as an adjunct treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients: A randomized controlled clinical trial”
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Could honey bee venom “kill” breast cancer cells? A scientific study

12/28/2020 “A certain concentration of honey bee venom could kill 100 percent of breast cancer cells. It’s a scientific study conducted by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia.”
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University and beekeepers get to the bottom of the effect of propolis

07/05/2019 “Propolis, a type of putty resin that insects use to seal damaged areas of the hive, among other things. Propolis is considered antibacterial and antiviral and contains numerous health benefits.”

“‘In times of increasing antibiotic resistance, propolis could be of great use in medicine,’ says Prof. Dr. David Drissner. He is a microbiologist, himself an amateur beekeeper in the association and initiated the cooperation together with its chairman, Friedrich Scholte-Reh.”

“In the laboratory, the propolis is tested for, among other things, its antibacterial effect against various bacteria and moulds. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are also involved, says David Drissner.”
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